Pet In-House Diagnostic

The Animal Hospital of Smithson Valley places a significant emphasis on using top-notch diagnostic equipment because we recognize that diagnostics are an essential component of veterinary therapy.


Pet In-House Diagnostic

The Animal Hospital of Smithson Valley has cutting-edge veterinary diagnostic equipment and a highly qualified staff to use it and interpret the findings. Diagnostic imaging aids in the early diagnosis of illness, enabling quicker, more efficient therapy.

Modern, digital radiography is available right here at our facility to help with the rapid identification of a variety of conditions and illnesses. We use the knowledge of our on-staff veterinarians and Board Certified Veterinary Radiologists for radiograph interpretation as an extra service to our clients and patients.

Our veterinarians will advise getting bloodwork done in situations of illness, during wellness/preventative care appointments, and before surgery to more accurately assess your pet’s organ functions. The most frequent tests are a CBC and a biochemistry. Blood glucose, electrolytes, kidney and liver function, among other systems, will all be represented by values that biochemistry will supply. Values from the CBC will be used to look for indicators of inflammation or anemia.

An ECG is a test that measures a pet’s heart rate and regularity, evaluates heart damage, and establishes the dimensions and placement of the heart chambers. ECG is a non-invasive, painless method that can help the vet diagnose a pet’s cardiac problem when used in conjunction with radiography, ultrasound, and/or blood work. In addition to ECG services, our facility also offers veterinary cardiology specialist consultations.